Xmas Specialty

Fishy Xmas.
Now that Christmas got rather wet I was in need of the proper specialty certification card in the true spirit of fishy Xmas. And in contrast to the media ignorants from C*M*A*S*H we here at PAYDI also have a proper, erm, «teaching» video. So enjoy audio-visual learning!

Xmas Specialty (watch on YouTube)

PS: Special thanks go to Adrian Uecker, the son of a very best friend of mine. He contributed this really beautiful and very appropriate work of art. When I saw it I knew immediately that my quest for a suitable motif had come to an end. It was completely clear what I had to put on that specialty card.


Tech Diver Specialty

Only for real Tekkis: the Tech Driver card.

For a long time I mulled over the question what all the tech divers actually do while they are on their long and deep dives. Just starring into a filthy nothing surely doesn't cut the mustard, right?!

Since this weekend I'm wiser: all those girls and boys just step into the waters, packed with their bottle collections, because they don't want to be seen totally immersed into playing with technical toys. So that's the reason for all those difficult to reach playing grounds!

No wonder that this specialty is met with so much broad interest. And all the dive organizations won't like to be late to this game... oh, does someone knows a lake with a bunch of Star Wars figurines and a Death Star, per chance??