Deep Down You Want the Best ... Address Planners

Please allow me to introduce a brand new PAYDI deep diver exercise: the /128 ft address planning expert. It's going to replace all those existing toy exercises.

Deep down you want the best ... address planners, that is.

Anyone who has done this on the surface will agree that's a hell of an impossible  exercise down at 128ft/40m with plain air. But then, I will never understand why anyone would do this at all even at 0m/0ft...?!

Maybe the IETF wants to step in with a new RFC...

E-Paper for Screencasting ... Sort Of

Real e-paper ;)
There are sooo beautiful things to be found in this dark, filthy, intelligence-ridden Internet, such as real paper textures at Lost&Taken. One out of the bazillions of uses for paper textures is in my screencast projects. So real paper goes «e-paper», at least sort of.


3x Speedup Transcode Job for Kdenlive

Somehow Ffmpeg is the Chuck Norris of video processing, not least for speeding up raw video footage. However, better tame it through Kdenlive's transcode jobs. This way, speeding up video footage is only a single click away. And it is neatly integrated into the Kdenlive project workflow.